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  • Craig Semon of the Worcester Telegram calls Ethan's Ain't that The Way CD "the greatest album to be released by anyone in twenty years,"  and says: “Ethan Stone and his band are restoring my faith in rock and roll."
  • Jay Deane, president of 97.3FM WJDF in Orange, MA says: “How one person can contain so much talent and not EXPLODE defies explanation?!"
  • New York DVD founder Brian Brodeur says:  “Ethan Stone is better than Dave Matthews, Phish, and Avril Lavigne.  He represents the future of the singer/songwriter genre.  Polish up his grammy!”
  • Doneen Durling of the Winchendon Courier writes: “Stone has taken the best of blues, rock, and folk artist’s souls, and merged them with his own. He writes from the soles of his feet, and has honed his passion. Whether singing of heartbreak or joy, he brings fervor to the keyboard, and wrings furor and adoration from his throat.”
  • “Ethan Stone approaches music from a whole different direction than most musicians. He neatly fits into every possible category without trying to fit into any. The guy has a knack for writing stand out songs”
          -Paul Zimmerman, First Coast News, Jacksonville, FL
  • Too Late is a wonderful funky, bluesy and wry tune, bringing to mind the clever artistry of Randy Newman, with a similar plaintive and charismatic vocal delivery. Everything works – the unmistakably funky groove of the Hammond, the laid back jazzy tempo, the trumpet fills, the honest lyrics. Rating: A+”
          -Susan White,, Orlando, FL
  • "This guy is the man!"  -members of the band Soulive

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Ethan Stone

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